Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Bond Song That Never Was - a contemporary expose on innuendo, martini's and charismatic espionage. 2013

This latest James Bond venture - call him what you will: Bond, 007, Her Majesty’s favorite bad boy - is more absurd, charismatic, louder, bolder and a whole lot darker. Now played by an attractive bit of Macedonian rough named Jonny Radevski - this current spin arrives on the screen in a head rotating, face exploding medly of cool toys, smooth rides and women with wit drier than a martini. Shooting, high flying, flirting and taking down the bad and the beautiful - you'll be blown away as Bond and his team of Bold Girls sledgehammer their way through the world of contemporary espionage.

In September 2013 The Chaotic Order were invited to present work at Brunswick Arts Space as part of the exhibition 'Bond Song'. The exhibiting artists were asked to find their own Bond song and in turn create work about their imagined Bond film. Playing with the Bond formula and twisting the conventions that have been around for half a century. 
Artists included: Genevieve Piko, The Chaotic Order, Alister Karl, Max Piantoni, Monique Barnett, Ive Sorocuk, The Dark Carnival Dolls and Jamie Rawls.
Curator Alister Karl

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