Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Bond Song That Never Was - a contemporary expose on innuendo, martini's and charismatic espionage. 2013

This latest James Bond venture - call him what you will: Bond, 007, Her Majesty’s favorite bad boy - is more absurd, charismatic, louder, bolder and a whole lot darker. Now played by an attractive bit of Macedonian rough named Jonny Radevski - this current spin arrives on the screen in a head rotating, face exploding medly of cool toys, smooth rides and women with wit drier than a martini. Shooting, high flying, flirting and taking down the bad and the beautiful - you'll be blown away as Bond and his team of Bold Girls sledgehammer their way through the world of contemporary espionage.

In September 2013 The Chaotic Order were invited to present work at Brunswick Arts Space as part of the exhibition 'Bond Song'. The exhibiting artists were asked to find their own Bond song and in turn create work about their imagined Bond film. Playing with the Bond formula and twisting the conventions that have been around for half a century. 
Artists included: Genevieve Piko, The Chaotic Order, Alister Karl, Max Piantoni, Monique Barnett, Ive Sorocuk, The Dark Carnival Dolls and Jamie Rawls.
Curator Alister Karl

Laboratory # 2. 2013

Laboratory # 2

In 2012 Ahmarnya went away for a year to do Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Creation at The Victorian College of The Arts. In 2013 she returned to The Chaotic Order with a refined tool kit and whole lot of new ideas. The first half of year saw Allen Laverty, Ahmarnya and TCO begin to consolidate the various discoveries everyone had made during 2012. 

The second half of the year shifted focus as Ahmarnya and TCO began to directly apply their recent findings. During this time they conducted a series of provocations and experiments that would finally see TCO distill and articulate the various aesthetics, methods and techniques they had accumulated in their time together so far.

Last year/ this year - making lists:  

Photo: Allen Laverty

Silent walk provocation:  

The aim is to walk together as a group without speaking, any set destination or time limitation. In this way we must find other ways to communicate and explore our surrounding environment together.

Photo: Ahmarnya Price

Photo: Ahmarnya Price

Photo: Ahmarnya Price

Performance Mapping:  
Charting our silent walks through drawing and mark making we then develop elaborate scores/scripts from these maps to create live performances. 

Photo: Pamela Debricat

Photo: Pamela Debricat

return to road:
'road' is a scene we revisited from 'the waiting place' .

Video: Ahmarnya Price

Photo: Pamela Debricat

Photo: Pamela Debricat

Rumpus Creative Development:

As part of Ahmarnya's time at the Victorian College of The Arts she began to create the performance work Rumpus (working title).  From 2013 - 2015 she is developing the work as part of her residency at Footscray Community Arts Centre. During this time there are FOUR STAGES of development where she invites various artists to talk, work and collaborate with her on specific areas of the project.   The Chaotic Order were invited to take part as guest artists in STAGE TWO, June 2013.

Photo: Katherine Sutherland
Photo: Esther Tuddenham

Photo: Esther Tuddenham
Photo: Pamela Debricat

more pictures to come

Monday, March 24, 2014

Laboratory 1. 2012

Laboratory # 1

In 2012 Ahmarnya went away for a year to do Postgraduate Diploma in Performance Creation at The Victorian College of The Arts.  During this time Allen Laverty, who was a collaborating artist and essential to the development and running of 'The Waiting Place', lead the ensemble with a specific focus on physical and vocal performance training for film, tv and stage. 

Pictures to come

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Waiting Place. Performed and Created by The Chaotic Order 2011.

Photo: Ahmarnya Price

Created by interdisciplinary ensemble The Chaotic Order in collaboration with Ahmarnya Price THE WAITING PLACE is an intimate performance work that combines animation, live performance and ping pong balls in a series of short vignettes. Each scene in The Waiting Place is a game. How each performer chooses to get from a to b to c is up to them and in this way they able to find their own processes for driving, claiming and bringing this very particular and idiosyncratic world to life.

The Waiting Place is at once somewhere and nowhere, a place we all find ourselves. It’s where we confront life’s paradoxes and the absurdities that variously define, embrace and confound us. Each of The Chaotic Order’s performers is regarded as having an intellectual disability. It’s something that informs the piece, but isn’t the driving influence. For that, we look to insight, humanity and shared experience. The resulting work is darkly humorous, transcending social, ethical and cultural definitions. It’s a rethinking of our perceived differences, and a call to what is common between us”.
- Aden Rolfe. 2011.

The Waiting Place premiered as part of the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival at Footscray Community Arts Centre and won the Melbourne Fringe Festival Award for 'Most Original Australian Work'. 

Photo: Rachel Main

Photo: Ahmarnya Price

Photo: Rachel Main

Photo: Ahmarnya Price

Photo: Rachel Main

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday 4th April 2011. The Chaotic Order: Open Workshop - Animations.

An informal session where we invited other artists, friends and colleagues to take part in our creative development. Utilising ideas from previous workshops, drawings, found objects and ourselves, we created a series of very basic, short, stop motion animated stories. 

 Sexy Lady and Darth Vedar
Daniel Bond, Michael Delaney and Jamie Rawls

 A Boy and A Girl
by  Danny Al Sabbagh,

Esther Tuddenham and Xanthe Beesley

 The Destruction of Alderaan
by Jonny Radevski, 
 Enza Pratico and Pitisi Hatcher

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monday 7th - 28th March 2011. The Chaotic Order: Creative Development.

Visual scripting: drawing/words inspired by selected songs

by Daniel Bond

by Jonny Radevski



alien from V the series 
by Jonny Radevski

star wars
by Jonny Radevski

sun setting  
by Esther Tuddenham 

the optimus prime building at melbourne central

by Michael Delaney


Monday 28th February 2011. The Chaotic Order: Wk 2 Creative Development.

Improvisation to song 'El Azteca' by Man Man.



Enza and Jonny